Diagnosing Difficulties in Your Business Communications

Diagnosing Difficulties in Your Business Communications

Memos, emails, forms, plans, reports and action plans – all are examples of business communications in their most basic forms. Business communications are an essential ingredient in all organizations, but some businesses are just plain better at it. Since there is a shortage of memo and email critics out there, it’s difficult to tell how you measure up against the competition. Are you a contender or the underdog? How can you tell?

The good news is that there are a number of common symptoms that indicate that your organization is suffering when it comes to business communications. If you have encountered one or more of them, perhaps it’s time to try something different to get your results back on track.

Common Symptoms of Business Communication Shortcomings

Kristie Lorette of Demand Media has compiled a list of symptoms that enterprises can use to diagnose issues in their business communications department. Which ones apply to your organization?

  • Is there a tangible lack of cooperation, between and within teams?
  • Are goals – even those set collaboratively -  frequently unmet?
  • Are mistakes happening at a higher rate than usual, or expected?
  • When shortcomings get addressed, does a seemingly endless blame game start?
  • Is motivation at or below zero?
  • Is productivity on a steady decline?
  • Are customer complaints and dissatisfaction on the rise?
  • Are employees quitting or being fired at rates higher than you’re used to?
  • Are client attrition rates starting to raise questions or eyebrows?

A “Yes!” to just one of these questions could be a fluke or a bad day. However, if you answered “Yes!” three or more times out of nine, there’s likely a bigger problem. Business communications are at the core of the customer and client life cycle.

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