LifeSize video conferencing delivers HD remotely to smart devices

LifeSize video conferencing delivers HD remotely to smart devices without latency issues


Long ago, whenever a video-conference call was needed, many heads gathered around a desktop PC-monitor in an attempt to communicate concerns and top-of-the-mind ideas to co-workers, or clients.

Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the point is that technology has made a seismic shift in teleconferencing to that of HD video conferencing, particularly with the LifeSize video conferencing solutions.

A division of Logitech, LifeSize provides a business a video-conferencing suite via a SaaS cloud-base offering. For companies who must have on-premise control of the conferencing due to compliance and security issues

As the business world becomes more global in its reach, the need to communicate is more critical. LifeSize provides a unique capability in the number of calls it can handle: 25-way calls, all in full HD video—or audio.

Considered a “conference room video system,” the platform’s use of a hosted cloud service enables instant communications seamlessly; this, without the need for heavy-oversight by admin or IT.

But the streaming is not limited to a conference room setting. The natural migration, of course, is to reach anyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Mistakenly, a lot of companies feel that video conferencing is too costly and is used mostly by Fortune 500-type firms with huge IT departments.

To that, many businesses pushback because of previous experiences with latency that can deliver erratic video and audio on the receiver’s end.

But SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) are not tied to huge hardware or software investments. For example, the Lifesize Softphone allows up to three users at once to conference via PCs and MACs, and utilizes an “acoustic echo canceller” regardless of connection.

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