Tips for Using your Business VoIP During an Internet Outage

Tips for Using your Business VoIP During an Internet Outage

One of the biggest concerns people have about business VoIP involves being without service whenever there is an Internet outage. Disruptions in Internet service are bound to happen, but that doesn’t mean your phone service has to suffer significantly. Here are some things you can do during an Internet outage to ensure continuity of service.

#1. Set up automatic forwarding

With Voice over Internet Protocol, you have the option to have your calls automatically transferred to another number in the event of non-registration. Should your Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA), (which is the device used to convert your telephone to an IP device), fail to register; your calls could then be forwarded to your cell phone or landline. They would automatically redirect once your ATA started registering again, so no further action would be needed to stop calls from forwarding.

#2. Have written instructions for modifying your auto-attendant greeting

In case of a disaster, you may need to modify your auto-attendant greeting to redirect callers to another number. If your Internet is down, you may not be able to access instructions, which is why they should be in writing and included with your disaster preparedness plan.

#3. Move your phone and adapter to another location

An advantage of VoIP phones is that unlike landlines, they are easily portable. As such, you could simply move your phone and adapter to another location where Internet access is available whenever there is only a local outage.

By using these tips, the odds of you being unable to receive calls during an Internet outage will be greatly minimized. To find out more about VoIP phone service, contact us.