Video Conferencing Adds Productivity to Work

Video Conferencing Adds Productivity to Work

Some people may think, “There is really no need to participate in video conferencing. Emails work wonders.  Phone calls all that personal contact we need in our communication.  Surely the extra effort it takes to sit down in front of a computer, though nice, really isn’t worth the time or effort.  Right?”  Nope.  In an article published in eweek, more than 90% of the people who regularly engage in video conferencing experience higher productivity compared to those who only communicate via email, text, phone calls, or other means of communication which are not video conferencing. Video conference participants also had better teamwork, saved their company money, and of course lowered travel expenses.

In spite of the satisfaction people who are using video conferences have, it is a tool that is still being underutilized in business today.  One reason people don’t switch to video conferencing is fear of the technology. However, over 50 percent of those who use video regularly state they rarely or never had to contact their IT departments to make it work correctly. This seems to erase the concern that setting up a video conference is too difficult for an average meeting.

One of the advantages of video conferences now that did not exist on such a wide scale in the past is the ability to easily use mobile devices to join a video conference.  Smart phones now are hand held computers with a great amount of power and great screens which allow employees who may literally be on the road to participate in a meeting with people in many other places all at once (after pulling off the road of course).  This technology allows information to be the most-up-to-date possible because everyone can be in eye to eye contact at almost any moment.

Another benefit to today’s video conferencing as opposed to the past is the ability to use nearly any device; not just one special computer like 15 years ago.  Many companies have an international presence, either with customers or employees.  Now the boss can go home and connect for a video conference call on his or her own computer, tablet, or phone from home without needing to remain at work until after the conference waiting to use that one computer.  This kind of convenience leads to more productivity.

Although the use of video conferencing is at 65% in the United States, second only to Latin America at 70%, American’s still aren’t taking advantage of video meetings nearly as much as they could.  This is especially true when considering the increase in productivity video conferencing produces.

Contact us at Comm3 for assistance in setting up your video conferencing.  Thing of the money you can save the convenience you can add by maximizing the ease at which you and your group can be in eye-to-eye contact, even when you’re physically hours apart.