Video conferencing advantages

Video conferencing advantages

In the business world, the practice of meeting face to face with colleagues, customers, and partners will never be replaced. However, video conferencing is a growing trend that can’t be overlooked. Here are the top benefits of video conferencing.

Travel Cost Reduction

Through video conferencing, the ability to have a presence in several places at once without actually leaving your office becomes an attractive alternative. When a company calculates the cost of plane tickets, trips to the airport, meals, and work time lost during travel, it can become clear how much more economical video conferencing can be.

Customer and Team Productivity

Many large companies have satellite offices around the country, if not the world. They often communicate through phone calls, emails, and instant messaging. No face to face contact can result in a muddled message being conveyed throughout your teams.

When video conferencing is used participants are much more likely to stay focused on the overall message being delivered. This can lead to projects being completed faster, which can often lead to an increase in productivity.

Communication and Relationships

Video conferencing allows you to observe the facial expressions and body language of all participants. A kinship of sorts is developed, and can be an aid in the overall collaboration of employees. Of course, these aspects would be lost during a telephone call.

A CEO can hold a company wide real-time meeting with all their world-wide offices. This can be very effective in making employees feel closer to the home office.

Competitive Advantage

Being first in bringing new products to the marketplace can be huge for a company. Teams that use video conferencing will share information faster, which leads to getting products and services out to customers at a quicker rate. Establishing a video connection with consumers can lead to faster brand loyalty.

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