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Smart systems and management turn your call center into a profit center

Get the most out of your resources with Comm3’s Call Center Consulting. Our experienced team of professionals works in tandem with your staff to review operations and strategize opportunities to get the most out of your call center applications and systems. Comm3 ensures fast, accurate, and profitable service results, ensuring that your agents, communication systems, and data systems are in tune and working together effectively for maximum benefit.

Comm3’s extensive call center programming and management includes:

  • Benchmarking, Audits, & Assessments 
    Call/Contact Center Benchmarking & Metrics - Organizational, Staffing, HR, & Technology, Best Practices, Assessments, Gap Analyses, Strategic Goal Alignment, & Recommendations.
  • Technology Assessment & Solutions 
    Technology Assessments, Including ACD/PBX, IVR, CTI, Voice/Data Monitoring, Outbound Automated Dialing, Vendor Selection Criteria, Business Case Development, Cost-Benefit Analyses.
  • Customer Service Training & Program Development 
    Customer Service Training, Development of Custom In-house Agent Training.
  • Web-enabled Call Center/TeleWeb Strategy & Design 
    Comprehensive eBusiness Strategic Design & Technology, Processes & Methodologies to Integrate eCommerce into Traditional Call Centers, Customer Segmentation & TeleWeb.
  • Workforce Optimization
    Optimum Workforce Analyses, Staff Forecasting, Skill Assessments, Call Routing Analyses, Skills-Based Routing Analyses.
  • Call Center Consolidation 
    Project Planning for Consolidated Sites & Queues, Standardized Best Practices for Business Processes, Labor & Technology Savings Analyses & Modeling, Business Plan Development, ROI's,  & Implementation, Development of Consolidated Performance Systems.
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
    Workflow & Process Documentation & Mapping, Efficiency & Productivity Analyses, Process & Workflow Redesign & Reengineering
  • Quality Assurance Program Development
    QA Policies & Procedures, Agent Monitoring Program Development, Quality Customer Contact Standards & Training, Certification & Calibration, Monitoring Technology.
  • IVR Design, Scripting, & Analyses
    Customer Utilization Analyses, Event Analyses, Industry Benchmarks, Scripting, Menu Design, & Testing.
  • Call/Contact Center Management Systems
    Infrastructure & Organization Design, Job Analyses, Performance Management Systems, Compensation Programs, & Development of Operational Policies.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Requirements 
    Customer Contact & Business Requirements Definition; Customer Segmentation, Customer Contact Process Documentation, and Business Requirements Mapping
  • Call/Contact Center Start-up/Outsourcing
    Call Center Start-up Strategies, Program Development & Implementation, Outsourcing Analysis.