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Comm3 Cloud solutions have already helped industry leaders simplify IT operations, save time and money, and minimize downtime. And we can do the same for your business.


In current tight funding situations, Cloud Education is a low cost option to high end computing. It provides an easy way to collaborate from every angle of the school system. When budgets are low and the need for the latest technology is high, Comm3 can provide a solution that accommodates both.


The automotive industry relies on the availability of a customer’s perfect car. When you have the ability to search inventories on the spot and stay connected, you close more sales and have more happy customers. Comm3’s Cloud Automotive solution gives you the ability to make your business more efficient.


Large enterprises can benefit tremendously from Comm3’s Cloud Enterprise as they struggle to keep costs down while remaining competitive and innovative. Helping multiple business units and remote offices stay productive and connected requires on-demand, scalable and repeatable IT resources.


Cloud Government is designed especially for ease of management and exclusive security. Sensitive information is accessible to only those with credentials within a secure, private Cloud environment. CloudGov is the ideal solution for an industry relying on constant communication and accessibility for employees across the country and abroad.


There is nothing better than being able to access all the information you need, wherever you are. With Comm3’s Cloud Financial, you can access your information remotely, which allows more easily reaching out to clients to serve their needs.


Cloud Healthcare offers significant benefits to the healthcare sector. Doctor’s clinics, hospitals, and health clinics require quick access to computing and large storage facilities, which are not provided in the traditional settings.


In the past, hotels tended to overbuy on technology at the outset, and then they would hold off on new purchases until the capacity of the system had become inadequate. This is the worst possible combination: spending too much initially and ending up with a system that is inadequate a few years later.


Connect with your clients in the most convenient way. When dealing with insurance sales, Cloud Insurance can be your biggest and best resource. Host customer portals and stay in the know with the most advanced way to compute yet.

Small Business

The most crucial need for a small business is the ability to stay in business. With Comm3’s Cloud SMB solutions, you will experience the convenience of having the smallest amount of downtime in the business. When you’re running smoothly, all you have to focus on are your customers.


Stay up-to-date with whatever happens in your industry. Cloud Logistics allows you to see what is going on from anyplace, at any time, and through any device. This lets you stay in contact with field workers and the home office, all in one place.

Real Estate

Cloud Real Estate lets agents, brokerages, and title companies access all their needed information in one place, from any device. With customizable options, Cloud makes it easy to work from home, the office or on-site with clients. The versatility presented with Comm3’s Cloud gives the real estate process an edge to close the sale.


The number one convenience that the retail industry can have is being able to see inventory stock and processing at any moment, in real time. Comm3’s Cloud Retail can help you see where you’re running low at the same time as watching the production progress, you can keep your business running smoother than ever.

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