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Lowers Capital Expenses (CapEx)

Cloud promotes greater optimization and utilization of IT assets, allowing you to do more with less and achieve significant cost reduction. You can take on IT capital investments in increments of required capacity instead of building for maximum (or burst) capacity.


Comm3’s Cloud Enterprise promotes simplification of the underlying IT infrastructure resources to fewer standardized products, technologies, and platforms. This standardization reduces operational complexity and promotes operational consistency. Cloud Enterprise also encourages IT to develop a catalog of standard services on which to build business capabilities. When everything is simplified, you save time and are able to focus on strategic business tasks and projects that will improve the business you are offering.

Lowers Operating Expenses (OpEx)

Public cloud offerings are billed to the enterprise on a pay-per-use basis and private clouds can be treated as OpEx by consuming business units, although IT would continue to make capital investments. Through automation, Cloud Enterprise reduces the amount of time and effort needed to provision and scale IT resources.

Application Purchasing

Cloud Enterprise provides flexibility in the way you source, deliver, and consume the IT services you need to build business capabilities. Employees need direct and immediate access to computing, storage, and applications, wherever they are. In the enterprise, multi-tenancy becomes a critical capability of the infrastructure, enabling the sharing of bandwidth and power. Cloud Enterprise can decrease the time needed to provision and deploy new applications and services from months to minutes. This increased agility allows you to experience the benefits of new applications and services and bring new capabilities to the market sooner, creating a potential competitive advantage.

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