RapidScale’s Cloud Government makes it easy to work with one another, wherever you are. With the Cloud, employees in the office, the field, or across the world can log in to a secure cloud environment and work on a project alongside everyone else. It’s easier than ever to stay in touch and remain productive when you can locate all of the data you need and continue to work on projects with others from any device and any location.


Private Cloud Government environments allow for the most intricate information to stay within your virtual walls. Access to the Cloud requires access information that can be shared with only those that need it. And while you’re not sharing virtual space, your Cloud is solely for you. This is the secure solution that government organizations need to transition to new, booming Cloud technology and change the way they work.


Secure and encrypted login access is reserved for the user themselves. The hosting company does not have any access to the information stored within your personal cloud environment. This allows for even the most sensitive of information to never be leaked or revealed to eyes not meant to see it. We have designed our Cloud Government for exclusive security so that the private Cloud environment remains only accessible to those with credentials.

Develop for Your Custom Needs

Need applications that you’ve created yourself? Within the cloud environment, applications that fit your custom needs can be created and used. This allows your Cloud to be uniquely adaptable for your needs. The service is also scalable and accommodates changes you need to make. You no longer have to worry about taking on more work or costs in order to meet the requirements of your organization. Government data can be extensive, and RapidScale’s Cloud Government solution can grow with ease as your data grows.

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