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Create your own custom apps right in the Cloud. Pick and choose your favorite functions and make an app that does just what you want, where you want, and when you want. Everything can be setup and designed to do whatever you need. It shouldn’t be hard to have the tools and resources you require, and with Comm3’s Cloud Insurance, it’s not. The ability to develop and customize makes everything that much easier.

Real-Time Collaboration

Communicate within channels, update and work together. With Cloud Insurance, data is simply put in one location where it can be accessible to all of the users who need it. This, matched with the mobility that the Cloud allows, will boost your ability to collaborate. Work on projects or communicate with clients or colleagues, even when you need to be in different location. With easy-to-access information, you will find that you can be more productive and flexible in how you work with others.

Customer Portal

Set up customer portals to keep track of their accounts and statuses. The easiest way to have constant communication with your clients is through a seamless portal that you can update and control wherever you are, right through your Cloud. When you keep your customers updated and offer them portals that are simple and organized, they will experience great customer service that will really reflect positively on you and how you run your business.

On-Location Sign

Close deals quicker when you have access to all your essential documents and files right in front of you. The best part of Cloud Insurance is that you can create an agreement on your desktop computer, then access and edit it on your tablet or smartphone. This is possible when you move to the Cloud because everything gets placed in a virtual location where you can access it from any computing device and any location, as long as you have an Internet connection. It’s convenience at its finest, especially in today’s mobile world.

Ready for Cloud?

We offer the most innovative, productive and scaleable technology services solutions available today,

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