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Inventory Simplicity

Comm3 makes it easy to be in the field and be in the know about the latest updates in the market. Keep an eye on your personal listings while seeing new ones that come up. The tools and abilities that Comm3’s Cloud Real Estate offers allow you to be productive and stay in the loop from wherever you are. The data you need is accessible to you from any device and any location with the Cloud. Everything is safe, quickly accessible and searchable, which really makes your life easier.

Easy Marketing

Send emails to your current clients while you’re out and about. Keeping in touch with your clients is the number one way to close deals and get referrals. Cloud Real Estate allows you to keep all your information, your data, and your news in one place, and share it easily. You can streamline your marketing functions and stay ahead of your clients. It’s easier than ever to reach clients and share your offerings with them.


Cloud Real Estate is the ideal solution for making it easy to work with others no matter where they are. Enjoy the ease of collaborating with a client, partner, broker, or anyone else wherever your work takes you. Sign deals and get estimates while in the field, because all your info is in one place–with you. When you are able to collaborate and share updates and files, you will stay far ahead of the competition and increase your efficiency noticeably.

Customer Portals

Allow your customers to see updates on their accounts. They can log into a portal created by you that you can update at any place, any time. Never before has it been this easy to communicate and keep track of your clients and their account statuses all in one place. When your customers experience a system that is so simple and organized, it reflects back on you. Your customers will know that you are reliable and capable.

Ready for Cloud?

We offer the most innovative, productive and scaleable technology services solutions available today,

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