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Real-Time Insight

Want to see how your business is doing at this very moment? Before, statistics would take hours to update and by the time you received your data, it was outdated. With the Cloud, businesses can see exactly where they are in real-time. It also helps to know exactly where your inventory stock is, and where you need improving. In today’s fast-paced world, you need to be able to get information quickly and easily. With the mobile abilities that the Cloud offers, you will be able to keep up.


When you can see exactly what’s happening, right away, you can see exactly where things are not working properly. This saves money down the line because it eliminates the need to have to make up for errors and deficiencies. Our service saves you time, money and stress on expensive infrastructure upgrades and replacements. With Cloud Retail, it is possible to receive a great service for prices that you can afford.


Business is able to grow and scale and so is your Cloud. With Cloud Retail, you don’t have to go out and invest in expensive new servers and infrastructure. When you do this, you experience huge costs, extra hassles, and an infrastructure that won’t be able to adjust to whatever your next need may be. The Cloud can give you extra operating capabilities or scale back according to your needs. It changes as your business changes and adapts to your very specific, individual needs. Comm3’s CloudRetail is a solution that can truly mold to your business and its requirements.

Lower Costs

The Cloud lets businesses cut initial costs by not purchasing or refreshing expensive servers and infrastructure. When you move to Comm3’s Cloud Retail, the service runs off of our infrastructure, which we purchase, store and maintain. This eliminates a lot of costs for you. Setup is easy and Comm3 makes integration seamless. You can use our pay-as-you-go plan and see prices that reflect your usage, so you are never paying for things you don’t use.

Ready for Cloud?

We offer the most innovative, productive and scaleable technology services solutions available today,

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