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Cost Effective for Your Small to Medium Business

Purchase of equipment and maintenance support teams are the expenses that small businesses cannot always maintain. Comm3’s Cloud SMB technology does not slow down over time, does not get viruses, and does not need IT upkeep maintenance. This reduces the company’s fixed cost and obviates the need for constant updating of equipment with newer technology and faster access to more effective solutions. When you use the Cloud through our infrastructure, you save a lot of costs and experience a pay-as-you-go model that is based on your usage, so you will see costs that reflect only the service you need and use.


Comm3 has two data center backup facilities: Irvine, Calif. and Ashburn, Va. Like email, the volume and sophistication in data format, such as texts, videos and photos, the guard of the information has become a major challenge, especially for small companies. Comm3 maintains backup services, security, continuity of service emails and uninterrupted access to data even during periods of inactivity. This assists in security and information management, even for those who have not budgeted for a multinational solution.

Cutting Edge

For a small company, having access to Comm3's cutting edge Cloud SMB technology, companies can also integrate all data and processes and bring intelligence to customer information, which improves the ability to compete with larger players.


Viruses that plague personal computers do not have the ability to infiltrate the Cloud. Small and medium businesses can rely on a system that ensures the security of information stored in the Cloud, beyond the low cost of deployment. The system integrates multiple scan engines and monitors to provide comprehensive protection, increasing server performance of companies. Our data centers have strict security policies and use on-premises security guards, biometric systems, digital recording and surveillance and an exterior security system to ensure the safety of your data.

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