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Apps Made Easy

iApps make it easy to select and run the applications you need from any operating system, whether it is Windows or Mac based. We give you access through our application portal to open and run any application from any device that is connected to the internet.

Work Anywhere

iApps also make it easy to work from anywhere. Pair Comm3’s iApps with our CloudDesktop solution to run your apps from any device including desktops, tablets, smartphones, and thin clients.

Businesses today are embracing BYOD and creating a mixed environment of devices. As Mac devices and applications become more prevalent in the workplace, the need to provide access to Mac applications is growing substantially. iApps is the first platform to allow businesses to bring Mac applications to those devices. With iApps and CloudApps, businesses can enjoy the freedom of providing both Mac and Windows applications to their users.

Ultimate Solution

iApps is the ultimate business solution by giving admin rights to any administrator and allows them to control who has access to which applications.

Next Generation

Comm3 is the Next Generation Computer and brings the ultimate solution to the business world. iApps makes it easy to run any program your business needs on any platform.

iApps is the only application streaming platform on the market that can harness the power of AAP. This proprietary protocol is the world’s fastest multimedia protocol available today. iApps combined with AAP makes it easy to use video and audio editing software, multimedia players, and any application that you have. AAP also provides significant data savings over other protocols making it the least bandwidth intensive on the market With AAP, the iApps platform lowers the bandwidth requirements to allows users to run any applications they want from literally anywhere in the world.

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Look at what we do for you!

  • Manage and maintain everything
  • Unlimited local and long distance
  • Easy to add remote offices and mobile workers
  • Make moves and changes online
  • Voice and data works together – use your PC to dial, screen calls, and more...

Comm3 Cloud does it all.

  • Equipment, support & value-added services:
  • Contact Centers
  • Hosted PBX
  • Call Recording
  • Carrier Management Services
  • Data Networks | WiFi | Cabling
  • Switches | Routers | Servers
  • Firewalls | Security
  • Stand-By Power & DR

Introducing iApps

Comm3 had launched the first Mac App Virtualization platform available in the market today. With iApps, you can have any of your applications from a Mac platform available on any operating system. iApps revolutionizes the way you access your applications.