Adding an Office

What Are You Trying To Do?

Adding Offices

There are multiple ways you can choose to add offices. Depending on the IT resources you have to support new locations, whether you plan to make a capital investment to amortize new equipment over time, or you are looking for a monthly subscription service from the cloud, we have solutions to meet your needs. Learn more about ShoreTel’s award-winning premises-based Unified Commuications solution and ShoreTel Sky, the company’s premiere, managed service hosted by our experienced team of cloud experts.

For growing organizations who want to add offices, support a remote workforce or scale for seasonal business, having a reliable phone system that is easy to deploy manage and use -- whether it is onsite or in the cloud -- is a critical factor in differentiating your business and ensuring its success. ShoreTel provides flexible solutions designed to address the specific needs of companies in transition.