The Leader in
VoIP Technology
  • Jack Plonien
    Colonial Savings
    Sr. Vice President

    ShoreTel’s Unified Communications solutions have provided Colonial Savings F.A. with a cost effective strategic set of telecommunications products which will allow Colonial to enhance our customer service options for providing both automated banking & mortgage loan information, and providing superior service by our customer-facing staff through the use of ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center workflow automation. The systems are dependable, flexible, resilient, and supportable by a small number of Colonial Telecom staff and a very knowledgeable ShoreTel partner, Comm3.

  • Greg Anderson
    Director, IT Infrastructure & Support

    Comm3 was with us every step of the way during a company move that included a merger.

  • Glen Ridnour
    Director of IT

    Smooth, professional, on schedule. Overall “A”. Great performance by Comm3 team that exceeded expectations. Technical performance and great training led to excellent feedback from our users and guaranteed the success of our project.

  • Amy Quaid
    MJB Wood Group, Inc.
    Vice President

    For over ten years we have depended on Comm3. They were our choice due to their approach of focusing on our business instead of just our phones. When we call, they quickly respond with assistance and helpful recommendations...

  • Scott Countryman
    Cardiovascular Specialists
    Director of IT

    Since we operate in a 24/7 medical field, up-time and service are our number one priority. Since 2001, Comm3 has delivered to us the same quality and customer service we provide for our customers everyday!

  • Brad Taylor
    Belmont Group, Inc.
    Senior Vice President - I.T.

    Comm3 helped us make an educated decision when looking for a VOIP solution.  They did an excellent job during the installation/training phase and haven’t missed a beat with ongoing support.  I would recommend Comm3 very highly!

  • Todd Marshall
    Andritz Separation Inc.
    Environment and Process Regional Manager

    COMM3 was a sincere pleasure to work with! This was the only company I have ever worked with that understood our budget concerns and gave us a product that worked within that budget.

  • James Byrnes
    Maxim Integrated
    Telephony Administrator

    Comm3 has provided Maxim a new IP framework giving us the ability to support toll bypass, simplified corporate dial plan, access to next generation telephony options (SIP, integrated video) and a migration path to total IP telephony.